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Andrew Parent

Andrew parent Welding

If there is metal in it, we can fabricate it.

We produce just about everything with metal in it, including (but certainly
not limited to): custom overhead lighting, wall sconces, kitchen elements, glass/wood-top tables, bar lights, sculpture, multimedia stands, decorative trusses, wall elements, and more.


At IronOx Inc., we work with clients, designers and developers across the country and have in-house design capabilities to execute the specs of your drawings along with any structural and efficiency considerations. We understand the critical paths of production timelines and pride our ability
to manufacture and install on time. Product shipping is available.



IronOx Inc. &

the direction of

Andrew Parent

With years of commercial industry and artform-style welding experience
combined with advanced tools, methods and new mediums available,
our metalcrafts
bear a unique
visual appeal, functionality
and the personal integrity of Andrew Parent.



Your Designs come to life


Show us your drawings and we'll show you what it looks like when it's finished.


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